Hazardous waste

We handle the sorting, storage, transportation and disposal of all kinds of dangerous waste materials.

Dangerous waste materials can represent a much greater risk to the ecology and to the people handling them than other types of waste. As a result, they are subject to a much stricter set of regulations for identification, classification, labelling, management and control.

We are familiar with the regulations for handling hazardous waste in Europe and can advise you on how best to deal with the issue. We take our responsibilities seriously in order to protect your own employees and to ensure that the environment is not damaged by the by products of a manufacturing process.

Governments across the world are now introducing regulations to prevent western countries from dumping toxic waste in developing countries and large fines have been issued for companies involved in such activity. Increasingly, companies need to consider much earlier on how their waste will be handled at the end of the production line. Eltex experts can advise on how dangerous waste materials can be kept to a minimum and can develop systems integrated into the manufacturing process that will responsibly store, transport and dispose of such materials responsibly.

Eltex is able to handle the full range of hazardous waste and provides solutions for dealing with any such materials that your manufacturing process creates.

  • utilisation of all hazardous wastes that can be repurposed

  • safe removal of non-recyclable waste

  • we provide the necessary materials and equipment for the handling of dangerous waste materials

  • we supply containers free of charge for the selective collection and storage of hazardous waste

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